M A R I T I M E  M A L M Ö

Wine and Seafood restaurant

This is the heart of everything we have strived for in our concept.

A calm sober white design, where the food and wine bring
the colours and the spice.

Our menu is designed with knowledge passion and true love from our head Chef 

His love and old school way of respecting the ingredients combined with perfect plating makes us proud of having him onboard.
We will not serve seafood exclusively, there will be options for everyone
 All should feel welcome and enjoy our venue.

Our Restaurant manager adds his deep passion for hospitality and with a love for the little extra. Just relax ad enjoy yourself, you are in good hands when it comes to choosing wines to accompany the food.

The selection of wines is diverse, close to 300 different wines,
Selected  together with some of Swedens best sommeliers, to be able to give you 

the best wines, and reasonable prices…

The wine menu is a continuous project that will never end, as we want an up to date list and wines that match our ever-changing and inspiring menu.

We will of course with all this have weekly wine tastings 
and wine events for all those who truly want something unique.